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  • Find the best beer for you

    Why waste your time on beers that aren't your style? The unique intelligence contained within Best Beer Here delivers completely personalized beer recommendations.

    Rate the beers you have tried in the past using our easy search features and we’ll take it from there! Find out more about how it works here.

    Check out this video on our youtube channel to see how it works: Making the most of the Beer Recommendations

  • Find the best locally made beers

    There are more beers available in the marketplace than ever before. As a result it's hard to keep up to date with new locally made beers.

    Best Beer Here is a new app which will help you discover those precious gems that you might otherwise miss out on.

  • Find the best Premises for you

    Want to find somewhere to have a beer and watch the match in the sunshine? Need to find an off-licence on your way home? Trying to find somewhere to go out when you're away from home?

    Best Beer Here is populated with over 9000 premises in the Republic of Ireland alone with Premises all over the UK being added every day. You can find places near you with the faclities and beers you want at your fingertips.

    Check out this video on our youtube channel to see how it works: Using the Premises Feature

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